If China-America Go To War, Who’ll Win?

Why European Countries are supporting America in this war? And who’ll be the beneficiary of this war?

Ibn Daryai
6 min readSep 4, 2020


You know these days tensions between America and China are as high as ever. You can also see through the glimpse of history.

The Soviet Union and America cold war. Where America hates Russia by calling them communists country and on the other side Russia calls them the hub of capitalists.

America justified there attack on Vietnam by justifying that we fear Vietnam leadership will be taken over by communists.

This shows how much America hates communism and communists regimes anywhere in the world. So, China has a communists system in their country then there’s no surprise that America hates China.

And there is every possibility of the America-China war because it’s survival for the American domination in the world.

America-China trade war

China is on the road to becoming an economic superpower in the world by crossing America. And America knows it.

You can imagine it through knowing that America is the economic superpower now but, still when it comes to America-China trade. America is in deficit when it comes to trade with China.

Trump administration put sanctions on China to stay the only superpower financially but with the passing years even with many sanctions, they felt they were losing their way.

America also examining the global domination of China getting over the years. America was dominating the Europe from early 20th century. But these days many European countries are looking at China, not because they agree with the communist system. Because they’re sensing the future.

For this very reason, America has to interfere in it because America can’t lose its allies in this way.

Why Europe is Supporting America in this War?

You know in Asian and Africa, there’re dozens of countries that don’t have any facility in their countries because of massive corruption and involvements from the western countries in their country.

Now the question is what they get from it?

Their wealth, minerals, and goods are looted by the big companies of the western countries and dragged them into civil wars. They’ve to leave their countries and shift to the west to get a normal and stable life.

In this fashion western countries get cheaper labor and their countries which theft things from other countries, stabilize their economies.

China and India are not just growing rapidly in the region but also investing in different countries to make their infrastructure. Through this, these countries will make necessary things in their countries and China and India could trade and export their things through and in these countries.

In this way, their country will develop with other countries too. Just imagine when your country develops itself then why’ll you go to some other country to search for a job.

And when your country infrastructure rebuild and developed too, then your corrupt leadership will change within months automatically and in this way, the monopoly of the western companies will be destroyed.

This’s the insecurity of the west. If these countries developed, they’ll lose the cheap workers and lots of money too in the shape of minerals and goods from the underdeveloped countries.

Difference between American Cold War with China and the Soviet Union

America can’t win from China without warlike America did with the Soviet Union. Even many experts think if the Soviet Union didn’t invade Afghanistan, the Soviet Union could save their power for few more decades. And in a few decades, a country gets a million chances to bounce back.

In the Soviet Union case, every country was offended by them. Everyone from their neighboring to distant countries, everyone was against them.

But when it comes to China, the sentiments of the many countries are different from the Soviet Union at that time.

Just look at the points, that changed China from the old Soviet Union.

  • China is the biggest exporter in the world. It simply shows the dependency of the world on China.
  • Many western countries are dependent on China. And many countries including the NATO allies have a soft corner for China.
  • Neighboring countries of China including Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal, Mongolia, and Tajikistan are now more close to China than ever they were been.

Look China got a lot of support from it’s neighboring countries as well. There’re a-lots of African and European countries as well on the list, but of course, they’re not their neighbors.

Will the China-America Go to War?

America and Europe have no other option than to go on war with China.

China is growing rapidly, and now these days, China is playing the role of world leaders including dealing with the deadliest virus.

Even the United Nations are divided into confusion whom to support. They knew if America didn’t intercept, America will end up losing its position as the global power.

America is trying hard to connecting its allies to support America in various sanctions. And trying to involve China and India to go into war. Which will damage their economy and prevent them to become the global power?

But the expert’s opinion is if America has to save its position. They have to go for a war with China, a small scale or full-scale war.

Or to buy Chinese allies not to support China. Which is looking impossible at least now with the position China has. Because China is adding allies these days not subtracting.

For example,

  • Nepal was the most reliable ally of India, but now they’re with China and are heading against India.
  • Bangladesh was the old ally of India, even India has a role in the making of Bangladesh but now Bangladesh is joining the Chinese group instead of Indian according to new reports.
  • The partnership of Afghanistan, India, and America was ideal in the past. But now Afghanistan joined the Chinese groups instead of Indian and American.
  • Iran and India were the allies from the decades. Iran was making chabahar port with India to counter Gwadar port of Pakistan. Indirectly they hit China because China is the real beneficiary of this port. And now Iran dropped India from many deals, they may drop India from many others as well.

China-America War and Russia Advantage

If America will go to war with China, America will successfully prevent the growing China influence in the world. But in this war America also will be hit hard. It’ll cost America lost it’s number two position on the table too.

There would be unemployment in America. Their economy and the stock market will crash. It’s a possibility there will be world war again which costs all humanity, not just America and China in this war.

There’s a chance that Russia will again rise in this period and claim Russia as the new world superpower.

If it happens, it’s worst for world peace but a golden opportunity for Russia to regain its position as the superpower.

And according to the American establishment formula;

Russia + China = Enemies


China + Russia = Communism

SO in other words, this war is not a bed of roses for any of the country. It would be difficult. As you know China is among the global powers and have modern technology in weapons.

Then some people will say American weapon technology is untouchable but, people need proves not claims.

As you know in the modern war in Afghanistan against the Taliban’s, American technology fails shamefully. So, when the same technology will use against the Chinese, who’ve almost the same kind of serious modern technology as America has, then the war will be the graveyard of both of the countries clearly if the war escalates.

Americans are among the smartest people in the world. So, I hope they’ll never allow their leadership to fall into another war and cost them trillions of dollars in it.



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